1–16–21 | The Great Continuum

One human limitation is being bound by time. In so many ways, time doesn’t feel on my side. I count down the days until my next hospital visit, the weeks until we will be induced, the one year mark of Teddy’s birthday.

And then there’s CJ and the many possibilities, outside my control:

  • The minutes I may have with him for skin to skin after he is born.

I feel like there’s already a schedule for CJ. A guidebook of “here’s what’s happening when”.

But I was reminded of a truth this week. Something that has stirred within me, challenged me, and has given me great confidence:

Love is outside of time.

Time is a human constraint but when I think of the vastness, the greatness, of more than just what is on the earth, there is this clear picture we are not living on this timeframe — but one we haven’t even been able to know, quite yet.

Love does things, incredible things, in its own way, without any constraint of this man-made construct.

When we abide in Love, this big, big Love, the things of this world seem to fade away and we are left on this great continuum of hope, healing, peace, and comfort.

No more pain. No more sorrow.

Just Love.

And I will always choose to let Love do what Love does best: redeem.



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Kasey Carmona

Kasey Carmona

Wife to Cort. Mama to two boys. One with HLHS. Welcome into our journey of heart and hope.