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1.3.21 | Nesting

Between the new year and the contractions, I am feeling this impending birth. Something in my spirit is telling me to get ready!!

I didn’t think I wanted to do much for CJ. I didn’t think there would be that much to do. But in some ways, it feels like there is way more since I’m not bringing CJ home. We are going to a place that at this point I am familiar with but have never walked through the double doors into the CICU unit. We won’t until he is here.

Here’s what I’m thinking through these days:

SPACE: We totally redid the only 3 closets in our house. To be fair, one caved in on itself so we had no choice but to redo that one. New shelving, organizing, decluttering. We are making room in our home and our hearts.

CICU CRIB: I asked my gracious sister-in-law to create a CICU registry for me. When CJ is born (not if!!), we will at least have 3–4 days with him. I want his little crib in that cold hospital unit to be filled with sunshine!! I didn’t realize how much this would help my spirit! I am having a baby, y’all!

ATLANTA SUPPORT: I got my list of women who will be on call when the going starts. What a glorious gift it is to have new friends willing to help! I don’t take these women and their friendship for granted. What a blessing.

SCHEDULING: I am going to have to figure out how my family will circle around us after CJ is born. Lodging is one logistic I feel I must figure out.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Oh yeah! I haven’t publicly announced on any online platform that we are pregnant! And, pregnant with a medical fragile baby. I am thinking the time is now because I don’t want to have to explain things later — whatever the outcome.

CAMPAIGN: We are going to be doing a sweatshirt campaign to raise money for CJ’s time in CHOA. I am actually really excited about this and really hope people will get behind it too! I envision on CJ’s Norwood Surgery day a whole hashtag movement of people wearing their sweatshirts, sending encouraging words via social media and supporting our son!

All this to say, I feel like my mind is going nonstop. Maybe that’s a good thing because if I think about the daunting activities this week, my mind would go nonstop in a different direction: we are going to CHOA tomorrow and back at Emory on Tuesday. Of course I have fears but I also am excited to talk about my son to people who are in this journey with us.

This baby is coming, y’all! He is getting ready to make his grand entrance into the world and we must get ready too! CJ, you are sooooo loved!



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