1-7-21 | Sip & Smile

I sat on the rug in Teddy’s room while he giggled, toddled, and played all around me while I ugly cried. Sobbed. Grieved. Totally lost it.

Sometimes it’s the little things that cause the biggest amounts of pain.

I had a realization this morning that CJ will most recognize me with a mask. Meaning, he won’t see me smile.

This pandemic has robbed so many of us this past year. I never thought it would steal my ability To smile lovingly into his precious face. To kiss my son’s precious forehead. To show delight in my son.

Cue. The. Tears.

I needed solace and fast. I thought about calling up Nicole at CHOA to see what she said about it. But thankfully a few texts came in quickly to help me rethink that one. The best came from my sister who said “Good thing you will be really thirsty! Just sip and smile!”

CJ will see us smile. He will know how much his parents love him, cherish him, and celebrate him. He will feel it all with the warm embrace of a parent’s arms and an adoring smile.



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Kasey Carmona

Wife to Cort. Mama to two boys. One with HLHS. Welcome into our journey of heart and hope.