11.21.20 | Together

I’ve been emotional today. There’s no denying it. Being pregnant already can have that affect but add in a grave diagnosis and bam! You just never know what the day will bring when it comes to the waterworks.

But it’s not the tragedy of it all that is bringing about the tears. It’s the beauty.

As I put Teddy down for his nap, he fell asleep while I was rocking him. He doesn’t do this too often anymore. I held him, he clasped tightly to me, and our other son kicked from the womb. We were all together. Me and my boys.

I don’t know how many moments I’ll have like this. Honestly. Those of us with healthy children take for granted that same idea. We don’t know how many moments we have with the ones we love the most — at least on this side of Heaven.

So for now, I’m going to cherish every snuggle with Teddy. I’m going to relish every kick from our baby inside. And the reality is, I may shed a tear every time I pause to think about how beautiful it is that as of right now, me and my boys are all together.


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Kasey Carmona

Kasey Carmona

Wife to Cort. Mama to two boys. One with HLHS. Welcome into our journey of heart and hope.