11.30.20 | Life Now

In an hour, we head back to CHOA. I will get to see our precious son. Cort and I will meet with a pediatric cardiologist doctor and the CICU head nurse. I’m eagerly waiting to hear if that little flap is staying wide open for us to continue on dreaming about holding our son in our arms one day.

This year, I’m going through an advent devotional. I’ve never done it, but it feels right to do this season. The daily scripture today is Mark 12:13–27. But the last verse hit home today. Jesus reminded the religious folk that it’s not all about heaven and life after death. In verse 27, Jesus talks about how God is the God of the living — not of the dead — and the religious people had it alllllllllll wrong to even be overly concerned about death. How much hope this gives me! Jesus came to bring life — and life to the fullest. Another name for God is Immanuel — Love with us.

As of this moment, I am celebrating our son’s life! He is alive and we are holding onto our precious time with him now!

So, I’m going into this heart echo appointment, with a posture of joy — not dread: Love is with us. We have an abundance of Life. We are in the hands of the God of the Living.

And that is the good news!



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Kasey Carmona

Kasey Carmona

Wife to Cort. Mama to two boys. One with HLHS. Welcome into our journey of heart and hope.